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The OKBet PUBG GODLIKE BGMI Masters Series has been running since June 24th, with a total of 24 invitees. We are presently at the Grand Finals stage, and all bets are off for the 16 finalists. While the national interest in the competition is as high as it can be. With a prize pool of Rs. 15,000,000 (about $189,000), all eyes are on the victor of this event. One thing to note is that this competition is being shown live on television for the general public. While we will return to all of the unique characteristics of the BGMI Masters Tournament, here are some of the key facts at OKBet PUBG GODLIKE.


While many people throughout the globe are unable to get BGMI, it is accessible in India. The game is comparable to PUBG Mobile, which has taken the globe by storm. This is one of the earliest video game competitions to be shown live on television. These are some of the country’s best players in the game’s battle royale style. As a result, the country has made a lot of noise in the world of esports. While taking a quite conservative stance on video gaming. Because of the exposure offered by the event being telecast, several firms have replicated the same with other tournaments and games. There have been Valorant tournaments recently, but none with a prize pool comparable to BGMI at OKBet.


OKBet PUBG GODLIKE even though team selection was completed prior to the commencement of the event, there was a lot of controversy regarding the teams who did not get an offer. Many people were unaware that there was a competition to choose which teams would compete in this event. Since then, fans have had almost two weeks of incredible battle royal gaming to watch on their preferred platforms at OKBet.

Scores have been recorded on a match-by-match basis for the previous two weeks. Every week, the worst four teams were eliminated from the 24 invited teams. As a consequence, the following eight teams have been eliminated from the tournament:

  • Esports Rivalry
  • Team XSpark
  • TSM Hyderabad
  • Hydras Marcos Gaming 7Sea Esports
  • R Esports

If you have noticed, there is one name that has captured your attention, and that is TSM. In every way, their performance has been subpar. The TSM vs. GodLike lawsuit seems to be having an effect on team performance. Many people anticipated them to finish in the Top 10 because of their recent success at OKBet.

With the previously mentioned scoring system, these are the top 16 teams that have made it to the Grand Finals.

  • Orangutan Chemin Esports
  • Team XO
  • Esports OR Skylightz Gaming?
  • INsane Esports
  • Team GodLike Esports
  • Enigma Games

The teams listed above are listed in order of their present status in the tournament. Due to their outstanding results, Team XO has taken everyone off surprise. While Global Esports has had one of their worst tournament campaigns. They were the favorites to win it all because of their brand value and triumphs in previous BGMI events. GE is now 5 points away from elimination in the competition. The squad did not win a single game in the 20 games they participated in OKBet.


OKBet PUBG GODLIKE began the Finals with a good kill record and respectable placements in the first six games. It’s worth noting that they have the third-highest finish on 137. While many would argue that because of their restlessness, one would not complete first, we have witnessed a combination of both passive and aggressive behavior from them. They now have two chicken dinners to their name, the fewest of the top seven. With 20 rounds remaining until the winners are declared, they have a good opportunity of closing the 103-point gap with Team XO at OKBet.

Day 1 of the BGMI Masters India

There are now many teams to keep an eye on in the event. Team XO won their sixth Chicken Dinner in a row. Not to mention that three of them were on separate maps at the same time. They’ve been fairly active in their play, not holding back and accumulating 147 finishes. Global Esports, on the other hand, had a poor start to this tournament and just made it to the finals. Despite this, the squad is scoring points when it counts the most, owing to better placement and some effective mid-game rotations on OKBet PUBG.


These two teams, along with GodLike, are set to go all the way.

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