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OKBet New Features on Moonton, the creator of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, revealed their forthcoming update on a video in early September. It’s called Project NEXT, and the major purpose of this update is to redesign ancient heroes to make them more playable in the game’s current meta. This implies that Moonton intends to update some older characters so that players may utilize them in the game without being disadvantaged by newer characters at OKBet MOBA.

Aside from enhancements, the new update will also change the appearance of some of the existing characters and refresh their backstories. Project NEXT provides to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang more than just new heroes. There will also be updates to the game’s soundtrack, battlefield, and other features. This post will go over what Project NEXT adds to the table.

Mobile Legends Project NEXT Update: Bang Bang

OKBet New Features


The biggest change that Project NEXT will bring to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the redesign of the game’s previous characters. The first portion of the update was released on September 22. Alucard, Eudora, Layla, Miya, and Zilong were among the characters redesigned at OKBet MOBA.

These heroes will get new in-game skill effects, updated abilities, new models, a new narration, and a new entrance animation. This implies that these five heroes are now stronger and will almost certainly see a spike in their use rate, especially during rated matches. The upgrade, of course, does not stop there. More heroes are currently being revised, including Tigreal, Hilda, Fanny, Kagura, and more.

Aside from the characters that have previously gotten upgrades, the following heroes will also get something new. But this time, instead of a makeover of their talents and powers, they get a new mini-model. Roger, Alice, Hilda, Ruby, Fanny, Chou, Rafaela, and Nana are the heroes.

OKBet New Features


Aside from rebuilding heroes and upgrading models in others, Project NEXT also includes a gameplay update for Mobile Legend: Bang Bang. The game’s laning, which includes the top, middle, and bottom lanes during engagements, has been updated. The most recent change will make lanes more advantageous for certain sorts of heroes. Marksman heroes, for example, will profit more from heading to the top lane since they will get money and experience boosts, but fighters and tanks will benefit more from going to the bottom lane of the map on OKBet MOBA.

These lane benefits will now make the rotation more appealing to many players. Another change to the gameplay is that players will now need to employ the Retribution combat spell in order to utilize Hunter’s Blade goods. If they want to buy jungle equipment, they must cast the spell. This will make jungling, a tactic in which players concentrate on the jungle area of the game for experience rather than the lanes, less appealing.


OKBet New Features on Moonton will also get graphic improvements as part of Project NEXT. When you upgrade your game, you will notice an immediate increase in the overall aesthetics. Images and graphics will seem even better, and cinematics will be crisper and clearer. When you play the game for the first time following the update, it will seem like you’re playing a completely new familiar game.

The gameplay is quite identical, but the better overall aesthetics and clearer and sharper graphics make it seem like a new game. As you can see, the most recent upgrades have improved the game’s overall experience, making it much more enjoyable to play. Of course, aesthetic upgrades will come at a cost, in the form of the game being more difficult.

Fortunately, the creators have updated the game’s performance, so players won’t have to deal with many troubles. However, gamers who do not have high-end smartphones should alter the game’s settings, particularly if they are experiencing issues. Aside from the general enhancement of in-game aesthetics, a new logo was also released. Several aspects of the game’s geography also inspired Bang Bang’s new logo with the help of OKBet.


The Project NEXT update will also include new music to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The unique in-game music will be composed by Jeff Broadbent. He is an award-winning composer who created the soundtrack for blockbuster games such as Marvel Avengers Alliance 2, Transformers Dark of the Moon, and Assassin’s Creed Identity.

OKBet New Features

Final Thoughts on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

According to the Project NEXT enhancements, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a lot of fun to play right now. The greatest thing is that the upgrade isn’t even finished yet. We’ve only seen the initial phase of Project NEXT. However, there is no word on when the next phase will begin. However, it is projected to happen in the fourth quarter of 2020. Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang right now and play it for free on your PC with the help of OKBet.

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