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MLBB M4 World Championship group draw: When, where, and how to watch

I’m looking forward to this year’s death group in MLBB M4 World Championship.


Moonton has published further information about the forthcoming M4 World Championship, the largest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang event hosted each year.

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The group draw, which will place all qualifying teams into various groups for the group stage, will take place on December 8 at 4 p.m. GMT+8, according to the game developer’s Facebook page.

The group draw mechanisms are identical to past M-series events, with slight adjustments to the pools.

MLBB M4 World Championship mechanics and viewing locations


Unlike last year’s M3 World Championship, which had three pools for the draw, this year’s will only have two.

Pool 1 features Blacklist International, the MPL MLBB PH Season 10 champion, ONIC Esports, the MPL ID Season 10 champion, RSG SG, and Team HAQ, the MPL MY Season 10 champion. Pool 2 was assigned to the remaining 12 teams.

Teams from the same area, including S11 Argentina and Malvinas Gaming from the MLSL, cannot be placed in the same group. Pool 1 teams cannot be put in the same group.


Finally, snake seeding will be employed to establish team rankings on MLBB.

The group draw for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will be livestreamed on the game’s official Facebook and YouTube sites on December 8, at 4 p.m. GMT+8. M4 will take place in Indonesia from January 1 to January 15. Here is a list of all the tournament’s qualifying teams.

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