Why should every Mobile Legends EXP laner want to master OKBET MLBB Esmeralda?

OKBET MLBB Esmeralda

Make use of the moon’s and stars’ influence. OKBET MLBB Esmeralda has been a popular option in the EXP lane since the laning system was launched in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. At the time of writing, the Astrologer is one of the top 25 most popular Legend level and above heroes, with a 50.58% victory rate based on MLBB metrics.

She is even more well-known in the professional world. The mage-tank hero was the top selection in MPL Indonesia Season 10’s regular season, being chosen 92 times. She is the second-most selected hero in the MPL Philippines, appearing in 77 games.

If you like playing the EXP laner position in Mobile Legends you need to learn OKBET MLBB Esmeralda, here are three convincing reasons to choose and master Esmeralda.

Three reasons why you should devote time to Esmeralda

She is a good laner versus the majority of EXP lane matchups

OKBET MLBB Esmeralda

Because to her ability to absorb the enemy’s shield, Esmeralda is strong against most offlaners. At the same time, owing to her passive Starmoon Casket, her damage bypasses all shield effects on OKBET MLBB Esmeralda.

Frostmoon Shield (Skill 1) and Stardust Dance (Skill 2) intersect to enable her to push her opponent out of the lane. As a result, you should purchase Enchanted Talisman as your first core item in order to perform this ability combination more often.

When facing powerful opponents like Dyrroth or Thamuz, you may use her initial skill’s shield and movement speed boost to play her defensively. These skills let her to avoid opponent ganks, making room for friends.

When the enemy side has numerous crowd control skills, pick the Purify combat spell at OKBET MLBB Esmeralda.

When it comes to item creation, she is adaptable

Esmeralda may modify her item setup dependent on what the squad need after improving her boots and purchasing Enchanted Talisman at OKBET MLBB Esmeralda. You might think about purchasing Oracle, which boosts shield effects, Dominance Ice, Immortality, and Blade Armor. Alternatively, if you need to act as a front liner in team engagements, get the Brute Force Breastplate. For this build, make sure to utilize the Support emblem and Avarice talent.

If you must be a damage dealer, you may equip Calamity Reaper, Holy Crystal, and Ice Queen Wand while balancing your build with defensive items like Brute Force Breastplate or Oracle at OKBET MLBB Esmeralda. To optimize this build, choose the Mage emblem and the Mystery Shop skill.

She is very useful in team battles and while capturing objectives

Esmeralda excels not just in the laning stage at OKBET MLBB Esmeralda, but also in the mid to late game, when team battles erupt and critical objectives are at stake. With enough equipment, she may tank damage in battle or use the Falling Starmoon to leap upon opposing heroes in the backline.

When playing near one of the game’s most important goals, the Lord, she may opt to push lanes and dash back to the pit when necessary, thanks to Frostmoon Shield’s movement speed increase.

Another option is flanking, in which she interrupts the formation of the opposition team. While the squad is securing Lord, she may also look for adversaries lurking in the woods and push them away. The presence of OKBET MLBB Esmeralda on the frontline helps the marksman to easily strike the buildings while sieging turrets.

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OKBET MLBB Esmeralda