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OKBet LoL Worlds Songs: Worlds 2022 Anthem and Ranking the Best Anthems

OKBet Lol Worlds Songs

The OKBet Lol Worlds Songs at League of Legends World Championship is held every year, and millions of fans tune in to watch what is effectively the greatest esports competition in the world. It’s a very popular event that eclipses practically every other tournament surrounding it, and it highlights the top-tier skills of the world’s best League of Legends players. This is such a great occasion that each year a new anthem is composed to commemorate it. Anthems boost the competitive spirit of both spectators and players, allowing them to perform at their best. This guide will go through the finest LoL Worlds tracks we’ve ever heard.

OKBet Lol Worlds Songs

OKBet Lol Worlds Songs, being one of the most lucrative events in esports, makes no compromises when it comes to entertaining the fans. This event attracts massive crowds, both online and in person. The League of Legends World Championship will be held in four major locations in 2022, involving some of the richest and most powerful organizations in the esports industry. And, as one could imagine, a new song has been beautifully added to the library of LoL Worlds tracks.

This is one of the most prominent League of Legends traditions in current times. Lil Nas X has composed an all-new music titled STAR WALKIN’ for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. Where does this song rank in comparison to all previous LoL Worlds songs? Let us investigate. At the League of Legends World Championship, STAR WALKIN’.

The newest OKBet Lol Worlds Songs, STAR WALKIN’, was officially published on September 23rd. This joyful, uplifting hymn was written by Lil Nas X, a highly successful rapper who was appointed President of League of Legends to promote the collaboration. Montero Lamar Hill, better known as Lil Nas X, was sworn in as the President of League of Legends as a PR stunt, erupting into social media channels to advertise both the game and the new tune.

Lil Nas X is one of the most well-known rappers, particularly in recent years. He has received several prizes for his own songs, including Old Town Road and Montero. The first album preview for the youth was hosted as a virtual event in Roblox. Lil Nas X is no stranger to the gaming industry, as seen by his cooperation with Riot Games.

The League of Legends Twitter profile was renamed as ‘LoLNasX’ on September 17th, and both the cover and profile photographs were swapped with images of the artist. This decision was well embraced by the community as a whole, with one fan even going so far as to demand that Lil Nas X be named President of VALORANT as well. With 7.9 million followers on Twitter alone, this crossover brings together fans of Lil Nas X and League of Legends.

The OKBet LoL Worlds songs have been a yearly tradition since 2014. Imagine Dragons started the trend in 2014 with the release of ‘Warriors,’ and every year since then, a new song has been published exclusively for the League of Legends World Championship tournament. Could Lil Nas X’s song become the most popular LoL Worlds song ever? It’s probably a possibility, given he’s the most popular musician to have collaborated with Riot to record such a single.

This year’s song is “somewhat different” from prior years’, with less hype tune and more words.

“We wanted this year’s Worlds anthem to have that North American flare while fully embracing the One&Only brand, which is unapologetic in its uniqueness.” And who better than Lil Nas X to symbolize that concept? Lil Nas X dug into our concept and elevated it to new heights. ‘STAR WALKIN’ brilliantly expresses our professionals’ persistent competitive drive; that burning ambition to make history and reach the stars. It embodies each pro’s path to the World Finals and the coveted Summoner’s Cup. There are enormous hopes for the World Anthem. It must motivate our athletes, energize our supporters, and prepare a live stadium audience of thousands – and a television audience of millions – for the ultimate competitive battle. “And I can certainly say that ‘STAR WALKIN’ achieved exactly that,” said Carrie Dunn, Riot Games’ Global Head of Creative, Esports.

Some of the main areas’ famous players appear in the film. Humanoid symbolizes the LEC, CoreJJ the LCS, Meiko the LPL, and Chovy, of course, is one of the heroes in the film, representing the LCK. Aside from these individuals, there are several easter eggs that hint to other players, including Closer, Perkz, Faker, caPs, Jankos, and Gumayusi. The film also features other players, team and league logos like as LEC, LCS, and TCL.

Songs From LoL Worlds Throughout History

There are several noteworthy at OKBet Lol Worlds, unforgettable events in LoL Worlds history that have stayed with the community. LoL Worlds has proved to be a valued, impacting event again and again, from massive underdog triumphs to retirement tours of some of the most beloved players. The first song created exclusively for the League of Legends World Championship was released in 2014, and each year since then, fans have gotten a new music that they can link directly with the tournament.

OKBet Lol Worlds Songs

Fans may go back in time with these tunes, reliving spectacular performances, terrible losses, and the development of up-and-coming players in dramatic, mind-blowing moments. However, it’s worth noting that certain LoL Worlds tracks have fared better than others. Riot has attempted for years to keep these tracks unique, changing the artist every year to keep things fresh.

Even now, fans repeat the original OKBet Lol Worlds Songs music on YouTube, which had more than 377 million views by late 2022. Warriors is the finest LoL Worlds song ever made based on on sheer numbers. Imagine Dragons, the band behind the song, was apparently made up of League of Legends aficionados at the time.

Some of these tunes will have special meaning for the League of Legends Worlds teams for a variety of reasons. If they win the World Championship event, the tune chosen for that year will almost certainly become their new favorite song.

Here’s your chance to pick if Warriors is the finest LoL Worlds song ever:

Songs from LoL Worlds ranked (And Playlist)

With the addition of Lil Nas X’s STAR WALKIN’, there are now nine LoL Worlds songs, but which one is the most popular? We’ve previously established that Warriors is the most popular LoL Worlds song based just on views, but where does every other music come in? Forget about the LoL Worlds power rankings and top-tier teams for a while; we’re here to find out which Worlds songs are the finest in the world.

  • Warriors by Imagine Dragons: 377 million views
  • 317 million views for RISE – The Glitch Mob (2018).
  • Legends Never Die – Against The Current (2017) has received 218 million views.
  • Cailin Russo & Chrissy Constanza’s Phoenix (2019): 125 million views
  • Zedd’s Ignite (2016) has received 90 million views.
  • 69 million views for Take Over – A Day to Remember (2020).
  • PVRIS (2021) – Burn It All Down: 40 million views
  • Nicki Taylor’s Worlds Collide (2015) has 32 million views.

Despite being the second-oldest OKBet Lol Worlds Songs, Worlds Collide has the lowest view count in the rankings. For years, fans have been outraged by this fact, with some wondering why it was so unpopular as a LoL Worlds song. ‘The only reason this is underappreciated has to be because it doesn’t have animation,’ one YouTube user remarked. Another user commented in another post, ‘Man, I swear this song was buried by every other Worlds anthem – incredibly underappreciated.’

It’s hard to predict where Lil Nas X’s song will rank before it drops on September 23rd, but it’s predicted to outperform several of these songs. For the time being, we suggest listening to a playlist of all the LoL Worlds songs and deciding for yourself which one is the greatest.

The 2022 League of Legends World Championship tournament will begin on September 29th. It will provide unprecedented amounts of LoL Worlds betting options, and fans will be waiting with bated breath to see which team will be crowned champion on November 5th.

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OKBet Lol Worlds Songs