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OKBet Bang Bang World Championship 2021 | Mobile Legend won by Blacklist International (M3)

OKBet Bang Bang World Championship 2021

OKBet Bang Bang World Championship (M3) has concluded The third Mobile Legends Champions. The final champion is Blacklist International from the Philippines. In a best-of-seven round, they beat ONIC Philippines 4-0 in straight sets.

The journey to the finals for Blacklist International was not as straightforward as it looks. After winning their group, they were defeated in the upper bracket semifinals by North American champions BloodThirstyKings. They were demoted to the lower bracket round, where they faced Indonesian champions ONIC Philippines. They defeated the Indo champions by a score of 2-1. In the next round, they easily overcame Brazilian runners-up Keyd Stars by a 3-0 scoreline at OKBet Bang Bang.

Oheb was chosen Grand Finals MVP and received $10,000 in prize money at OKBet.

OKBet Bang Bang

Playoffs for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship (M3)

OKBet Bang Bang

They faced seasoned team RRQ Hoshi in the quarterfinals, who finished on the podium in the first two seasons of the World Championship. They were, however, no match for Blacklist, and were defeated in straight sets.

They easily and convincingly beat EVOS Singapore in the semifinals at OKBet.

In the lower-bracket finals, they met BloodThirstyKings once again (the team that defeated them in the upper-bracket quarter-finals). This time, they improved on their shortcomings and triumphed 3-1. The finals were against their home team, ONIC Philippines, who had previously gone undefeated in knockouts. However, fans were treated to a re-enactment of the MPL Philippines Season 8 Finals, in which Blacklist comfortably defeated ONIC at OKBet.

Prize money for the Mobile Legends Bang Bang World Championship

OKBet Bang Bang

The event featured a $800,000 prize pool and was held in Singapore in an offline style. Blacklist International took home $300,000, while ONIC Philippines came in second with $120,000. The second runner-up, BloodThirstyKings, won $80K, while Evos Singapore received $55K. Blacklist has declared that a portion of their earnings would be donated to victims of Typhoon Rai, which has killed over 140 people so far on OKbet.

Details about the M3 MLBB World Championship 2021

The Group Stage of the M3 competition will commence on December 6. In this round, each team will compete once against the other teams in their group. It will come to an end on December 9. Following the Group Stage, the Playoffs will begin on December 11 and conclude on December 18. The teams’ rankings after the Group Round will determine who will compete in this stage.

The M3 Finals will take place on December 19, 2021. So it’s essentially a two-week event in which teams fight for the greatest cash prize ever awarded in an MLBB tournament. The M3 has a $800,000 prize pool. This was more than twice the M2 prize fund of $300,000 at the time. The winner will get $300,000, while the runner-up will receive $120,000. The third place prize is $80,000, while the fourth place prize is $55,000.

The beautiful thing about the M3 is that the enormous prize pool will also award cash rewards as consolation prizes for other teams. The fifth and sixth-place teams will each get $40,000, while the seventh and eighth-place teams will each receive $30,000. Those finishing 9th to 12th will get $15,000, while teams finishing 13th to 16th will receive $10,000. Whether they win or lose, all teams will get something. Of course, getting to the final would be preferable due to the massive prize pool.

M3 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Tournament Location

The OKBet M2 was initially scheduled to take place in Indonesia, but because to the COVID-19 epidemic, the competition was relocated to Singapore. The M3 will be staged in Singapore once again. Lucas Mao, MLBB’s Managing Director of Esports, is thrilled to have the competition back in Singapore. He said that they collaborated closely with the Singapore Tourism Board and municipal governments. They made certain that the event was “safe and welcoming to all gamers.” As a result, all participants may anticipate a safe event in which they can concentrate only on competing.

Teams from the M3 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship

The OKBet M3 reverted to a 16-team format, which is four more than the M2’s 12 teams. Another thing that MLBB fans may anticipate is that this tournament will involve more areas than previous year. Teams from the usual suspects, such as Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Malaysia, are still present.

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OKBet Bang Bang