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Former Champion Bigetron | OKBet PUBG 2022

Former Champion Bigetron Red Aliens (RA) will not participate in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022. After being one of the most powerful teams throughout the 2019 and 2020 seasons, the fan-favorite Indonesian squad has been a mere shadow of its former self during the last two years at OKBet PUBG 2022.


Similar to other professional teams across the globe, Former Champion Bigetron had two methods to qualify for the PMGC 2022. The first was through the provincial Pro League. To qualify, Bigetron has to earn the most points in the PMPL Indonesia Spring and Fall seasons of 2022. Due to their steady success during the spring and autumn seasons, the team was in contention for the position on OKBet PUBG 2022.

Former Champion Bigetron

Former Champion Bigetron OKBet RA Roster

However, eventually it was Alter Ego Limax who qualified for the PMGC 2022. They collected 1,423 points throughout the course of two seasons. Second place Bigetron RA was just 87 points behind first with 1336 points. Despite this setback, Former Champion Bigetron had an alternative route to the PMGC. Through the PMPL SEA Championship, this occurred. After finishing in sixth place in the PMPL Indonesia Finals, they were only able to advance to the Play-Ins round of the SEA Championship.

Former Champion Bigetron

Only the top three Play-In teams qualified for the PMPL SEA Championship. Bigetron RA shown just flashes of their prior prowess and was unable to sustain consistency. With just one chicken meal in twelve matches, they finished sixth. This defeat eliminates the 2019 world champions from participation in the PMGC 2022.

From the best in the world to ineligible for the OKBet PMGC in 2022.

Since the organization’s 2018 debut in PUBG Mobile, Bigetron RA has dominated the scene. Despite several squad changes in the early phases of the team’s existence, the famed twins Luxxy and Zuxxy, Microboy, and Ryzen remained. This is the squad that led Bigetron to victory in the PMCO 2019 Fall Split Global Finals, so claiming the title of global champion. In 2020, they maintained their dominance by winning the PMPL Indonesia and the first World League (PMWL) at OKBet .

Last year, they also won the autumn split of the SEA Championship, although they finished sixth in the PMGC 2020. Despite the team’s good success, Microboy departed to join EVOS Esports at this time. It seems that something also transpired behind the scenes, since Bigetron RA first declared Microboy’s retirement, but he subsequently joined their primary adversary at the time at OKBet.

Following this, the team’s performance began to decline. The next season, they finished second in the PMPL Indonesia and seventh in the SEA Championship. At the World Invitational (PMWI), the team placed eighth. The team’s low point occurred during the League Stage of the PMGC 2021, when they finished last and were unable to advance to the finals at OKBet.

Since then, Bigetron RA has not been in the top three of any official or unofficial big competition. The inability to qualify for the PMGC 2022 gives Bigetron about six months before the 2023 season starts to reevaluate and formulate a new strategy.

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Former Champion Bigetron